Posted on by Jaz Jackson

    You've made your appointment with your favorite hairstylist for that all to important event coming up; now what? 
    Getting ready for your sew-in doesn't just start with finding the right hair. Here are a few tips for you when prepping for your next installation. 
    • I know we always want to have a "fresh" install, but do not relax your natural hair right before your sew-in. Your hair and scalp is at its most sensitive state and needs at least 1 week to recover from the relaxing process. 
    • Most sew-ins can last well after two months, so prepping your natural hair underneath is very important. To make the most of your protective style have your stylist clip your ends to promote health hair growth underneath your weave. 
    • I can't stress this enough; MOISTURIZE YOUR SCALP! If your sew-in is protected by a net you will not have the option of properly moisturizing your scalp. Coconut, Avocado and even Olive Oil are all great options for your scalp to add essential moisture to promote healthy hair growth. Be sure to remind your stylist of this BEFORE the sew-in process. 
    • Be sure to pay attention to how much tension your stylist is applying to your hair. Although we want to have braids that last underneath our sew-in, it should not come at the cost of discomfort or hair lossage. Yes, if your hair is braided to tightly you can loose your hair over time due to excess tension. Be especially mindful of your braids around your edges and nape of the head. This area of the head is the most prone to hair lossage due to the hair being the most thin or fine in this area. If you find that your hair is to tight don't hesitate to tell your stylist. It is their job to not only make your experience a comfortable one, but to protect the integrity of your natural hair! 

    - Jaz Jackson

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  • Keep Your Curly Hair Moisturized & Defined

    Posted on by Maya Page

    With summer in full swing one of the most sought after textures to wear during the warmer months is curly hair. Although we absolutely love this texture it can be a down right pain to maintain! From dry, brittle hair. To fuzzy hair due to humidity to issues can be endless.

    In the spirit of summer here are a few hacks you can use to insure the longevity of your curly tresses.

    1. Start With Healthy Hair Bundles

    No matter how many products you may purchase be sure to start with healthy hair. Ensure that your bundles are tightly sealed to avoid unnecessary shedding. Healthy hair will feature a natural luster and move-ability.

    2. Moisturize

    At some point during your installation process you will loose moisture and natural luster from your hair. This fact holds true to natural hair as well. Using products that replenish moisture is essential to the longevity of your hair.

    At the JazJacksonCollection we recommend using the following products:

    Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner.

    *Carols Daughter Black Vanilla Shampoo & Conditioner

    *Pure Coconut Oil

    3. Nightly Maintance

    How you care for your hair at night is just as important as caring for it during the day. Be sure to place your hair in a "Pineapple" to keep your hair bouncy and full. Also, be sure to sleep on a satin sleep case or wrap your hair in a satin bonnet. Wearing a satin bonnet or sleeping on a dating pillow case will ensure that your hair does not tangle or frizz while sleeping.

    4. Don't use alcohol based products

    No matter what you do, be sure to steer clear of products with alcohol. It's a complete nightmare for curly hair. Alcohol based products will dry the hair out causing dry brittle hair. Try using sulfate-free shampoos to clean your hair. If you traditionally rely on oil sheen to add shine to your hair, try mixing a small portion of organic coconut oil with water and your favorite conditioner. Not only will this replenish moisture to your hair the coconut oil will provide a natural shine!

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